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2270 Kalakaua Ave #1502
Honolulu, HI 96815
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2270 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu , HI 96815

Originally tasked with leasing an 1,800 Square Feet space with 12 lineal feet of frontage on the hard corner of Kalakaua Avenue plus Seaside Avenue in Waikiki.

Largely considered to be the 50-yard line of the street, Jessika saw a diamond in the rough.

Having established a trusting working relationship with the family owned property, she suggested something bold – combining nearly a dozen spaces on two floors, two hallways, an escalator shaft and removal of a structural wall to create a global flagship opportunity. Having worked with the family on their other large asset in the market, the Waikiki Shopping Plaza, they trusted her vision and agreed to market the corner to global retailers.

Jessika secured H&M who leased 30,000 SF, spanning two levels.

The reimagination of the building involved some sacrifice by the owners, who gave up a statutorily exempt (very large) building sign and beloved tile fish mosaic. With the reconstruction of the façade for H&M, the building was refreshed top to bottom (all upper floors of offices) along with the creation of the Sky Waikiki on the 20th floor below the Top of Waikiki restaurant. On the ground floor, Jessika also secured lululemon and Tumi to replace a gallery and Bally North America to complete the asset repositioning.


Jessika Fodor

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